Mount Rainier Wilderness Wind Bell - Wind Chime

North Country Wind Bells

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This majestic mountain in the state of Washington contains vast expanses of pristine old-growth forests, sub-alpine flower meadows, spectacular alpine scenery and great outdoor trips to stimulate anyone. Being the highest mountain of the Cascade Range with a volcano and glaciers, this mountain commands the deepest of respect.

Each wilderness bells comes with 8 inches of top chain (not included in the Height) and a wind catcher (an additional 8+ inches). These bells are powder coated a deep green textured color to endure many years.

Made from a high grade steel known as Cor-Ten which makes them ideal to hang outdoors year-round, and they will not twist, tangle or break. The steel turns a rich rust color as it ages. This natural oxidation doesn't signal a deterioration of the bell, since Cor-Ten will never flake, peel or rust out. This patina both preserves and improves a bell's tones over the years.

  • Top chain and wind catcher included
  • Made in the USA
  • Choose your own wind catcher - View them here
  • 3 Tones

Click Here to listen to the Adirondack Mountain Bell

Dimensions: Bell is 12" H x 26" total length including chains and wind catcher