5 Piece Hand Forged Cooking Tripod and Spit Rotisserie

Red Oak Forge

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This convertible camping tripod makes cooking over an open fire easy. It can be used as a tripod or spit rotisserie—you choose! Hand forged out of 3/8" square steel, the sturdy 3 leg design is excellent for hanging Dutch ovens, teapots, coffee pots & more. Sidebars are designed with 3 hook levels for easy height adjustment of the rotisserie crossbar. The locking rotisserie meat-dog even holds your meat in place. Simple set-up. Weighs only 5lbs 11oz. Great for reenactments, primitive style camping, and outdoor cooking.

  • 5 Piece Set
  • Doubles as Cooking Tripod and Spit Rotisserie
  • 46" Sides
  • Crafted from 3/8" Solid Square Steel
  • Easy Height Adjustment
  • Simple Set-Up
  • Drawstring Canvas Bag
  • Food Safe Oiled Finish

This 5 piece set includes

  • #2 sides (46" long) with 3 hook levels
  • #1 looped-end crossbar/side (46" long)
  • rotisserie locking meat-dog
  • canvas drawstring storage bag.